Durian vendor allegedly strangled, beat up employee over 'unsellable' Mao Shan Wang durians

Submitted by Stomper Terrence

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A durian vendor allegedly strangled and hit one of his employees over 'unsellable' durians.

The incident happened at a durian stall at Block 18 Bedok South Road on Sept 16 at about 1.40pm.

The victim, Stomper Terrence, told Stomp that he was asked by his supervisor to choose two Mao Shan Wang durians and place them in a plastic box.

He had intended to sell the durians to one of the neighbouring shop owners.

"When he saw the durian in the box, he started scrutinising the durians and told me that it was unsellable and wanted me to make the purchase," Terrence said.

"I did not want to buy it from him as such I ignored him, and he continued to shout."

His boss continued to shout at him until he 'could not take it any more' and he threw the stall's money box onto a table.

This allegedly spurred his supervisor to hit him.

"He then strangled my neck using both his hands, and he pushed me towards the table which I hit my back and cut my wrist on," said the Stomper.

"He punched my abdomen using his right hand and punched my right lower back using his right hand.

"He twisted my neck and kicked my calf and my left thigh using his right leg.

"After he hit me, he continued to lecture me and eventually walked off.

"He told me to turn up for work two hours earlier as there was no one looking after the stall."

Terrence shared with Stomp photos of injuries he sustained from the attack, including bruises around his neck, on his back and a cut on his forearm.

He subsequently reported the matter to the police and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed a report was lodged.