Driverless minibus transporting schoolkids crashes into 3 vehicles along Rangoon Road

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A 70-year-old bus driver was taken to hospital after the minibus he was driving crashed into a car, a van and a lorry along Rangoon Road on Wednesday afternoon (July 26).

Stomper Kelvin alerted Stomp to the incident and shared cyclist and Singapore Spokes founder Mr Brian Drayton witnessed the entire incident.

In a Facebook post, Mr Drayton said he was almost run over by the minibus that was transporting 13 primary school kids.

He said the bus careened over a grass embankment before hitting a tree and other vehicles before coming to a stop.

He saw the kids 'bouncing out of their seats' and no driver before yelling to some bystanders, 'There are kids on that bus' as it flew by.

Yesterday i was almost run over by a school bus full of 13 primary kids careening over a grass embankment gitting a tree...

Posted by Singapore Spokes on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Mr Drayton and another passerby helped to get the children out of the minibus by opening the rear emergency exit before calling emergency services.

"A couple of times in the bizarre situation, I looked for the driver and assumed the old man being attended to in the middle of the street was the driver since it looked like he fell out of the bus," he said.

He added that the man was about 100 yards (91m) away from where the bus went 'out of control'.

Mr Drayton said the parents of the children who were on the bus may contact him via Facebook Messenger.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to the accident along 206 Rangoon Road at about 3.45pm.

"A 70-year-old male bus driver was conveyed conscious to hospital," a police spokesman said.

Police investigations are ongoing.