Driver who made crazy u-turn after going against traffic, don't think nobody saw you

Submitted by Stomper Pang

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A driver going against traffic flow along Central Boulevard shocked Stomper Pang even further by swerving to make a u-turn in order to correct his mistake.

The incident, which took place on Jan 5 at about 7.07pm, was captured on Mr Pang's in-car camera when he was making his way back home.

He sent Stomp a video of the incident which shows the car approaching the wide one-way road from the rightmost lane.

The car then swerves to Mr Pang's left, making a big U-turn, before ending up in the first of five lanes.

In the video, the Stomper's car can also be seen slowing down momentarily to avoid a collision.

Mr Pang told Stomp: "I was travelling along the road when I saw these headlights approaching me.

"I slowed down and the vehicle passed me.

"The image of an oncoming car is really scary.

"If I was not paying attention, I could have missed seeing the car which would result in a collision.

"It would also cause me a lot of trouble going through insurance claims as the car is from Malaysia and has a Malaysian license plate."

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