TransCab SHC5353M grinds to a halt while changing lane -- before accelerating into oncoming traffic from opposite direction

Submitted by Stomper Dean

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Stomper Dean shared with Stomp a video that his friend had sent today (May 3), around 3.30pm.

The video which was circulating on WhatsApp, showed a Singapore TransCab which was amidst a lane change when it came to a abrupt halt, before suddenly accelerating, cutting across the kerb and into the oncoming traffic from the opposite direction. 

The cab collided with a silver car, and the impact visibly damaged both vehicles. 

Fortunately, oncoming vehicles were able to stop in time to avoid crashing into the two cars. 

It is unclear when the incident happened, although Dean clarified that the it happened among Ang Mo Kio, towards Hougang. 

Said Dean:

"I think the vehicle might be faulty.

"When the taxi stopped and the driver stepped on the accelerator, it just went out of control."