Cyclist calls Shell employee 'crazy' for asking him to move his bike, gets scolded with vulgarities

Submitted by Stomper Jack

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In response to a Stomp query, a Shell spokesman said: "We are looking into the incident involving a customer and a retailer service staff at the Shell Alexandra station on February 20, 2023.

"At Shell, we welcome everyone, whether you are a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, to use our station amenities and convenience store.

"We expect high service standards from all working at our stations just as we expect customers to treat service staff reasonably and with respect.

"Should we identify any service gap, Shell will work with the retailer to promptly address it."

Original article:

A cyclist and a petrol station employee were embroiled in a heated argument after the cyclist parked his bike to use the toilet.

Stomper Jack shared with Stomp that he was cycling home along Alexandra Road on Monday (Feb 20) at about 10.30pm when he stopped by a Shell petrol station to rest and have a toilet break.

"I parked my bike by the side near the toilet, which was not blocking anyone," he said.

"When I came back and took a short break to reply to messages before heading home, a motorcyclist suddenly passed me and rudely told me that I cannot park my bike there and must move away because he needed to park his motorbike.

"I asked him if I was blocking the way or blocking him and he straight away told me that bicycles cannot park there and must move away without any valid reasons and just said he wanted to park.

"I told him nicely that if he wants to park, he can park on the other side or behind me, why must he insist I move?

"He then rode past me dangerously and recklessly, almost hitting me.

"He got off his motorcycle and took off his jacket and I realised he worked at Shell from his uniform.

"I then told him even if he was a Shell staff, he should not have ridden past me dangerously and told me off rudely to move without any valid reason and there is no sign that says 'no parking'.

"Then I asked him if he was in a bad mood or crazy.

"He ignored me and said I am the one who is crazy and parked my bike anyhow.

"I told him if he was in a bad mood, not to vent his frustrations on people because people don't owe him a living and he shouted 'f*** you' at me."

Following that, Jack followed the man into the station's store to confront the man.

In a video shared by the Stomper, he asked a woman manning the cashier if the man is her colleague.

"He scold me 'f*** you, you know," he said to which the woman asked why.

The man came out and repeated "f*** you" to the Stomper and explained to his colleague that he had asked Jack to remove his bicycle but he did not want to and called him crazy.

Jack argued that he never used any bad words on him: "I say you crazy, you scold me for what?"

"You bad mood, you keep to yourself ah."

He then told the woman to check the CCTV footage but her colleague told him to check his 'backside' instead.

The woman then passed Jack a card for him to submit feedback about the incident.

The man is heard shouting at Jack: "You play handphone over there some more."

Jack responded: "Cannot meh? I'm not calling what.

"Your problem ah?

"I do nothing wrong."

The woman is then heard apologising to which Jack replies, it's okay then tells the man that he will make a complaint about him.

Jack told Stomp: "This shows how this Shell petrol station staff behaves when working.

"I wonder if he comes to work or to scold people."

Stomp has reached out to Shell for comment.