Driver makes wrong turn into North Bridge Rd carpark, then almost reverses into couple

Submitted by Stomper Leon

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Stomper Leon was on his way out of an open carpark along North Bridge Road on Oct 12 when he found the exit blocked by a car that had made a wrong turn.

"As I was exiting the carpark, this car SKT1572Z went into the wrong lane," he said.

"While reversing, she did not notice people crossing behind her vehicle and nearly banged into a guy and a girl."

In the video, the couple walks around the car and the man is seen gesturing at the driver who is still attempting to back up onto the main road.

Several other pedestrians also appear to be perplexed by the driver's actions.

"If the driver had reversed faster, she could have knocked down the couple.

"I hope this will remind everyone to always keep a lookout when crossing the road."