Driver leaves note after damaging Stomper's car -- but leaves wrong number

Submitted by Stomper Adeline

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A woman was shocked to find her car scratched after parking it at The Rainforest Sports Hub at Turf Club Road on Tuesday evening (July 4).

To add insult to injury, the person who hit her car left her a note but provided the wrong number.

Stomper Adeline said her car was parked there from 10pm to 12am.

"Someone knocked my car in the carpark and left this note," she said.

The note reads: "Sorry lot was tight, cars were blocking, accidentally scraped your car, minor scratches on right back."

It was signed off with a number and the name Ian.

"Guess what, it was not the correct number!" said Adeline.

"It's like that cyclist who knocked down the kid and left an incorrect contact numbers.

"I don't need him to pay, I just want to expose him for being so dishonest."