Residents at Meragi Close leave notes on cars telling drivers to 'park at your HDB carpark'

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A Stomper has come forward to share their personal experience parking in a private estate after local host Jade Seah called out 'self-entitled' landed home owners.

The Stomper told Stomp that reading about how Seah found a note on her car made them recall encountering similar home owners at Meragi Close.

"These landed properties are located just beside the Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project Parc Lumiere at Simei, which does not allow overnight parking," the Stomper said.

"Hence, I noticed some of the visitors who stay there overnight park along the road at Meragi Close only to find a note from these landed home owners the following morning.

"There were times when some of the home owners purposely parked very close to our cars to prevent us from driving out without hitting their cars."

The Stomper alleged that they once caught some owners going around 'damaging, vandalising, and putting notes on cars and signing off as the 'residents of Meragi Close' instead of their own unit.

They also shared a photo taken in 2020 of one of the residents placing a note on their car, telling them to 'park at your HDB carpark' because they are 'short of parking space'.

"I feel there is a need to educate these people who are obviously unaware of what is considered public spaces which are free for the public to park and to promote harmony and to discontinue all their letters, note pasting, damaging and vandalism of cars."

According to vehicle site, vehicles are allowed to park at private estates, as long as there are no lines on either side of the road and the lane divider is a single non-continuous white line.

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