Driver foiled trying to evade parking fee by tailgating, angrily gets out to chase car before giving up

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March 8, 2024

There have been complaints from drivers about tailgaters who try to evade paying parking fees. 

The tailgaters reportedly do not get the parking fees deducted from their stored-value cards as the system is fooled into believing that only one vehicle – albeit a long, oddly-shaped one – is passing the carpark gantry.

In a video shared in Facebook group Roads SG, a silver car is caught on a rear car camera to be tailgating out of a carpark in what looks like Tampines Street 83.


Driver of #SNH3159Z allegedly tried to tailgate and evade parking fees. The driver then decided to step out of the vehicle to confront and chase when stopped by cam car.

Posted by on Wednesday, 6 March 2024


However, unlike many other tailgating videos, this camcar drove out of the carpark slowly and stopped just after it passed the gantry, forcing the tailgating car to stop right where the detector is. 

As the display board indicates the parking fee for the second car, the driver comes out to confront the camcar driver.

Dressed in a green T-shirt, shorts and slippers, he can be seen gesticulating angrily as the camcar drives away.

Netizens applaud the camcar driver for inspiring them with a solution should they find themselves in a similar situation.

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