'Cheapskate' Honda Fit driver tailgates vehicle out of KKH carpark to avoid paying for parking

Submitted by Stomper Dian

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A Honda Fit was caught on video tailgating another car out of a carpark at KK Women's and Children's Hospital on Jan 22.

Stomper Dian shared footage of the incident taken from her in-car cameras at about 1.20pm.

"The driver was being a cheapskate, tailgating behind my car and accelerating through the carpark gantry to avoid paying for parking," she said.

In the video, the Honda is seen extremely close behind Dian's car despite there being two exit lanes and the other lane being empty.

The parking fee for Dian's car is $9.19

The same Honda is later seen cutting in front of Dian's car before making a left turn.