Diner says 'unreasonable' for vegetarian food stall in Tampines to charge $0.30 for chilli

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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Is this the new norm?

Days after a customer expressed unhappiness about being asked to pay $0.10 for every extra satchet of chilli, another diner has complained about a different coffee shop stall charging $0.30 for the condiment.

Stomper Lee said he visited a coffee shop at Block 823A Tampines Street 81 and bought two packets of food from the vegetarian stall on May 20, at around 8am.

He told Stomp on Thursday (July 27): "I have been eating fried mee hoon for so many years and it's my first time seeing a stall charge $0.30 for chilli.

"It's just normal vegetarian chilli sauce and they also have cut green chilli. When customers want the chilli, the seller will scoop it for you.

"This is very unreasonable and makes customers feel like they are being cheated. The stall should be fined and punished so that they do not illegally overcharge consumers.

"Let me give one example: if you eat nasi lemak and are charged for the chilli, how will you feel?

"I have told the nasi lemak seller before that they better not sell food and close their stall. I also reported them to the authorities, but no action was taken.

"Since 2020 till now, the price of food has increased four to five times, with portions also being reduced. If you ask for more food, they will charge you again. They will tell you it's because rental increased and they will tell you to ask the kopitiam boss.

"It's also very ridiculous that we have to return our own trays after eating and drinking while no one is cleaning the dirty tables."

In a separate incident last week, Stomper Anonymous said a Western food stall at the same coffee shop gave him "two small packets" of chilli for his fries. When he asked for more chilli, he was told that it would cost $0.10 for every additional packet.

His post on July 27 sparked a heated debate and drew mixed reactions from netizens.