Netizens slam shoppers for letting kids treat Decathlon like playground, leaving mess of shoes behind

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May 15, 2023

Appalling. Inconsiderate. Thoughtless.

Those were some of the words netizens used to describe those responsible for the mess at a Decathlon outlet in City Square Mall recently. 

A TikTok video showing dozens of shoes scattered on the floor of the store has drawn outrage, especially as employees were seen having to tidy up after.

"This is really appalling," read the video’s caption. “Irresponsible shoppers caused this… mess. Leaving all their tried items scattered on the floor.

"Several Decathlon (employees) are seen busy tidying up the place, but the mess is just too much for them to handle."

From the photos in the short clip, most of the shoes are of children's sizes.

@vinnography Respect to all retail staffs #fyp #sg #decathlon @Decathlon Singapore ♬ Epic Music(863502) - Draganov89

In the comments, netizens slammed the parents, pointing out that they should demonstrate proper shopping etiquette in front of their kids. 

“Many families take their kids to Decathlon to play, (as if) it’s a playground,” read one comment.

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