Diner and Koufu vendor argue over size of scallops in $6 soup

Submitted by Stomper IK

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A woman was left shell-shocked by the measly portions in her $6 meal from a food court in Toa Payoh.

Stomper IK visited the spinach soup stall at Koufu food court in HDB Hub on Apr 9.

She ordered a set of Signature Spinach Soup, which came with various ingredients including scallops, for $6.

IK told Stomp: "At this price point, I would not expect good quality seafood. But the picture speaks for itself.

"When I showed the photo of my meal to the staff at the counter, he pointed to the bits in the spoon and asked me, 'What is that?'

"I told him those were the scallops that he gave me. That was when he started to get defensive and said scallops come in various sizes, some small some big.

"I told him it was ok but they should let customers know that they have smaller scallops today. He said they cannot tell all their customers."

According to IK, the stall vendor told her to "go ahead and lodge a complaint", and then asked her to leave.

She added: "I want to point out that we are understanding of the high costs for rental and food ingredients that hawkers have to deal with. However, they should be transparent about the food portions that they are serving their customers.

"Are high costs and inflation an excuse for unethical business conduct?"