Daughter of woman who hangs underwear in corridor says mum was verbally abused for it

There are two sides to every story.

The daughter of the woman who hangs underwear in the HDB common corridor has responded to the allegations about her mother.

In the April 27 Stomp article, a Stomper said the woman, who lives at Champions Way in Woodlands, kept scolding the Stomper's mother, who is the woman's neighbour.

The daughter M said the article is "full of lies".

She claimed that it was her mother who was verbally abused by the neighbour's daughter and son last year for hanging clothes in the corridor.

M also said that the disabled neighbour who could not go through the corridor in her wheelchair actually uses a personal mobility aid (PMA).

"The PMA can still pass through the corridor without any hindrance," said M. "This auntie is also a good friend of my mum's as my mum will help to take care of her bedridden husband if she needs to do her urgent stuff."

In the article, the Stomper claimed M's mother was "very mean towards the neighbours".

M said: "All my mum's neighbours adore her because she is always the person they refer to for help, financial and personal.

"If 'neighbour', perhaps yes, meaning only her (the Stomper's) mum."

M denied that her mother scolded the disabled neighbour. "I am not sure who (the Stomper) is referring to."

Regarding the claim that the clutter is a fire hazard, M said: "My mum has been living there for almost 12 years and never once a complaint reached HDB.

"She loves greens and she will make sure that no one touches her plants and her plants do not touch others.

"Paramedics going through the corridor with a stretcher have never been an issue.

"This psycho neighbour has only lived there for two years plus. We have never heard complaints about kids running and falling. So not sure where the story came from."

In the article, the Stomper said: "My mum's door hinges were broken. The vase and shoes she put outside were lost."

In response, M said the Stomper's mother had a "mental issue".

"She would slam the gates and the door. She would cry in her home and would bang on our wall at night for no reason. She would throw her stuff God knows where and start telling people that someone messed up her stuff or her stuff is missing when she is the only one touching it."

M believes the relationship between her mother and the Stomper's mother turned sour last year.

"It all started when my mum realised that (the Stomper's mother) had been acting strangely like crying and heard stuff fall and break in her flat," recounted M.

"Being concerned, my mum asked her to seek medical assistance to check if she was having depression since her husband had died and she was lonely as well as her children allowing her to live on her own, knowing her condition. This was what she told my mum and me.

"She was not pleased when my mum told her that she had depression. So my mum tried to be less social. Then she started accusing my mum of being arrogant because my mum ignored her. And it escalated from there."

M added: "I am asking my mum to stay with me because she is so stressed with this neighbour from hell and at the same time taking care of my dad."

After Stomp shared M's response with the Stomper, the Stomper said: "It’s good that we understand what they think and assume. There are always two sides to the story and we will definitely proceed with the mediation as suggested by the police.

"I think (M) misunderstood the time when my mother cried. It was the day when her kitchen shelves broke and all the plates were shattered.

"My mother is absolutely healthy physically and mentally and she has all the family support.

"My mother spends almost every weekend with us and yes, she opted to live at her own place. There is my elder sister who is two blocks away and would send her lunch and dinner every day, and myself who would drive there every three days to take her out, et cetera."

The Stomper added: "It’s correct that (M's mother) has lived there for 12 years, but she has not had anyone live next door. The other neighbours aren’t the ones who have to face her lingerie flicking in front of their home.

"I believe everyone is entitled to a good view and a safe corridor meant for all residents."