Pasir Ris family leaves potted plants on window ledge, carpets on staircase railing

Submitted by Stomper Kam

A family has been leaving their belongings at the common spaces of Block 576 Pasir Ris Street 53, much to the annoyance of neighbours.

Stomper Kam shared photos showing cloth being hung on the staircase railing, potted plants on a window ledge at the staircase landing and other items such as a chair cluttering the corridor.

He said the items all belong to one family.

Kam complained: "It's been going on for many years.

"This family is always talking very loudly. They take out dirty carpets to wash and hang outside. These carpets are what you put below the table. They always move their table out to wash a lot of these carpets, making a lot of noise. They always choose early mornings or after 7pm to move furniture."

The Stomper said he provided feedback to the authorities "a few years ago", but to no avail.

Stomp has contacted the town council for more info.

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