Cyclist stops to help lost girl who alighted at wrong bus stop in Geylang at night, earns kudos

His post has been shared by the Prime Minister's wife and Mr Brown, who called him a "good man".

Netizens praised Facebook user Md Faz after he wrote the post about helping a young girl who appeared to be lost in Geylang alone at night.

In the Feb 19 Facebook post, Md Faz recounted that he was cycling home past a Geylang Road bus stop at 8.15pm when he noticed the girl studying the information board and looking lost.

He also noticed that the place was "very, very quiet" and nobody else was at the bus stop.

"After cycling past her for about 50m to 100m, I didn't feel good and decided to make a U-turn and see if she was okay or needed any help," said Md Faz in the post.

When he returned to the bus stop, the girl was speaking on the phone with her brother.

Md Faz found out that the girl was taking the bus home and was supposed to transfer to another bus, but she missed her stop and did not know where she was.

"I told the brother that she was in the Geylang area. This is not a safe area for girls alone, let be a young girl at night," said Md Faz.

"So I offered to walk with her to the opposite side via the overhead bridge and wait for the bus to come before I let her on her way home in the bus and her brother said okay and thanked me."

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Posted by Md Faz onĀ Monday, 19 February 2024

In his conversation with the girl, Md Faz learned that she was 12 years old and had been at the bus stop for 15 minutes before he approached her.

"Can you imagine how scared she was alone at 12 years old, lost for 15 minutes at night?" he said in the post.

"The bus arrived and I made sure she boarded the bus with no one following her before I cycled back home to deliver sup kambing to my wife."

His good deed earned kudos from netizens.

One commented: "Reading your story makes me in tears. Cause I have a granddaughter her age. Alhamdulliah, right time, right place, you saw her."

Another said: "12-year-old girl alone at night out on the road. Err...SG is safe but not that safe. The family shouldn't be that complacent. You did right, bro.

"On behalf of the little girl, her family and all Singaporeans, we thank you and appreciate what you did. I am glad this is being shared by Madam Ho Ching. It will raise awareness and inspire others in a similar situation."