Customer says AMK stall vendor 'anyhow' charged $3.90 for rice with two veggies

Submitted by Stomper Cai

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Is $3.90 for white rice with long beans and brinjal reasonable?

Stomper Cai feels that his mother was overcharged for the meal at Block 446 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10's Badaling coffee shop on May 9, at around 11.30am.

He recounted: "The lady at the stall collected $3.90 from my mum, but she ordered just two items of vegetables without any meat.

"Therefore, my dad walked to the stall and asked why it was so expensive when there was no meat at all.

"The lady replied that $1.40 + $2 + $0.50 = $3.90.

"Do you feel that this is overcharging?"

According to the Stomper, his father paid only $2.80 when he previously bought the same dishes from another staff member at the stall.

Cai added: "The best part is the lady did not wear her mask properly and spat out all the saliva onto the food when she talked. It's so unhygienic."