Customer finds hair in eggwich, Mr Bean apologises and offers replacement: 'Issue is handled well'

Submitted by Stomper Syah

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What would Rowan Atkinson say?

A Mr Bean customer purchased a honey-baked chicken ham and cheese eggwich in Punggol and was upset to find someone's hair in it.

"I bought it from the Waterway Point Mr Bean outlet on Wednesday (Oct 4) at about 8.50am," recounted Stomper Syah.

"I did not inform the outlet as I had reached home before trying to eat it. I did write them an email about this."

He added that he threw the food away.

In response to a Stomp query, a Mr Bean spokesperson said: "Thank you for your email and raising this issue with us.

"We have also received feedback from the customer and have since called him and arranged for him to pick up a replacement product from our Waterway Point Mr Bean outlet.

"We have also offered our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused to him."

The Stomper seems satisfied with the outcome.

He told Stomp: "Mr Bean has responded and the issue is handled well."