Broken glass, plastic found in Nutella and sushi from FairPrice in separate incidents

Submitted by Stomper Wendy, Mary

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What is worse? Finding an insect in your food or something... else?

Two Stompers recently found a foreign object in the food they purchased from FairPrice in separate incidents.

Stomper Wendy said: "I found this big piece of broken glass at the bottom of a jar of Nutella spread while serving breakfast to young children."

She had bought the Nutella from the FairPrice outlet at Rivervale Mall in August.

"I went to see them on Sept 17, but as it was a Sunday, there was no manager or admin staff around. However, a male employee took down my phone number and email address," said the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, FairPrice Group spokesperson said: "FairPrice Group is aware of this issue, and is looking into the matter.

"We take product and food quality and safety issues very seriously, and are dedicated to upholding high standards of food safety.

"While we have made a full refund to the customer, we understand that finding objects in a purchase is unpleasant. We are committed to working closely with the supplier to identify the root cause of the incident and to resolve the issue with the customer.

"Customers can return or exchange products that are of unsatisfactory quality at the same store of purchase, with the receipt."

In an earlier incident, Stomper Mary found something similar in her lunch.

"I bought a packet of sushi for lunch on Aug 30 and while eating a piece, I found a piece of glass inside the sushi," recounted the Stomper.

"It was so dangerous. What if I had swallowed the piece of glass! It would've caused damage to our organs."

She added that she had handed the object to the FairPrice customer service at Nex in Serangoon, where she purchased it.

When contacted by Stomp, the FairPrice Group spokesperson said: "We are aware of the incident and have made contact with the customer to investigate and address it.

"The object in the sushi set has been identified as a plastic piece from a plastic container that may have been broken during the preparation process. We have reviewed the preparation process with the supplier and have instructed them to tighten and improve the process to prevent any future occurrences.

"While we have made a full refund to the customer, we understand that finding objects in a purchase is unpleasant and apologise for the inconvenience caused."

This comes in a wake of a spate of reports from Stompers about finding insects in their food.

Earlier this month, a man found a cockroach in bean curd bought from FairPrice.