Customer asks for receipt from fruit stall and after some arguing, gets this mess of crumpled paper

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This is just bananas.

A customer asked for a receipt at the SF Fruits stall in Plaza Singapura and did not expect what happened next.

A Stomper was the customer.

"I ordered and there was no receipt," he recounted. "The server at SF Fruits did not want to give me the receipt.

"I asked when I received the order. She said no.

"I did not want to ruin her business. I queued and waited until it is empty. I asked again.

"She took out the trash, looked disgusted at the filth on her hands and wiped it on her cloth. Then she asked the customer to touch the filth that she felt repulsed to touch."

The Stomper shared a video showing a woman at the stall bending down behind the counter to pick up a mess of crumpled paper and placing it on the counter top.

The paper looked like many receipts stuck together that were printed out but not given to customers.

"I had to decipher from the small print which was my receipt," said the Stomper.

"I started taking the video when she started arguing and being disrespectful to customers. Suddenly, she took out the trash. Therefore, it was caught on camera."

He told Stomp this happened months ago.

The SF Fruits outlet at Plaza Singapura has since closed down, though it had nothing to do with this incident, probably.

"I am not throwing any temper by sending over the video clip and picture. I am just simply relaying," said the Stomper.

"I think a lot of customers want receipts in general. This is why receipts were invented. It is the responsibility of the cashier to provide the receipt when asked.

"First, she should have given me the receipt when I was at the counter. Second, she should not have taken out the trash."