Cups of water left for community cats at Haig Road filled with sand, cigarettes and disinfectant

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Water left by community feeders for cats at Haig Road has been tampered with on several occasions, a Stomper said.

The Stomper shared photos of cups of water filled with stone, sand and cigarettes.

"I understand the concern regarding dengue but these are community cats which are cared for yet their water cups are tampered with daily," she said.

She also shared a photo of a murky white liquid in one of the cups.

"This is how evil someone can get," she said.

"Initially I thought it was milk but after pouring away the water, my hands reeked of Dettol."

The feeder said that the water is being tampered with daily and that she heard from veteran feeders that this has been ongoing for years.

She added that she has reported the matter to the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS).

Stomper has reached out to AVS for comment.