'Selfish humans' remove community cat's little house, write 'please don't feed the cat' on notice

Submitted by Stomper Wendy

Feeders were shocked and angry after a community cat's little resting area was removed in the Kembangan-Chai Chee neighbourhood.

Stomper Wendy shared her Instagram post with Stomp about the incident.

Chloe is one of the area's community cats and her feeders had set up a little rest area for her, including a box with a blanket and water bowl.

Wendy said Chloe's 'little house' was not in anyone's way and was situated behind a pillar.

"She's a nice little girl, timid, she is scared of strangers, much less talk about disturbing people," said Wendy.

"She has feeders looking out for her and caring for her, keeping her area clean and clearing the area after feeding her."

On July 15, feeders discovered Chloe's house and water bowl were taken away 'for no reason'.

"She must have scurried away when those selfish humans decide that even a little box for a cat is taking up their space and she is undeserving of it," Wendy said.

She added that a notice was put up above Chloe's resting area saying: "Please don't remove this carton."

"Some selfish s*** had the cheek to reply to it with this message, 'PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE CAT'," she said.

"Seriously how selfish can humans be? This is our place as much as it is theirs.

"Is it too much to learn to co-exist with these comm cats?

"It is not as if they have anywhere else to go.

"If you don't like animals, walk the other way, don't look at them or go near them, trust me, they won't come near you too!

"Do humans not have hearts anymore? Where is the empathy and compassion? What is the world coming to?"

Wendy told Stomp that the area has several community cats that are taken care of by a few feeders.

"The note even indicated for us to feed them at home," she said.

"If these comm cats have a home, they wouldn't be suffering at the hands of selfish humans.

"And all these issues stem from people abandoning the cats.

"It's crazy when people write notes like that.

"It's disheartening to see how humans have become."

Chloe has since been found and has a temporary resting area while a new box is being fixed up for her.

"Poor Chloe was terrified this morning (July 18) because her safe space is gone and it was raining so heavily," Wendy added.