Crowd goes gaga for Thai Hot Guys dancing at Bugis mookata restaurant

Jasmine Daniels
The New Paper
Aug 28, 2023

Where there are muscles, there are masses. 

Throngs of onlookers strained to get a glimpse of the viral sensation known as the Thai Hot Guys over the weekend in Bugis.

The ripped waiters from Bangkok, Thailand, were in Singapore to promote Mr Mookata at Liang Seah Street.

“Mookata” means pork skillet and is a Thai-style barbecue.

The crowd took over most of the street outside to watch, take pictures of and film the waiters from Bangkok’s Sathanee Mee Hoi restaurant performing some sexy moves.

The footage is on social media with one TikTok video clocking over 245,000 views so far.

@winnie.0609 Thai Hunk event..#thaihunk #singapore ♬ nhạc nền -- Miin Clothingg

The ladies, especially, seemed to enjoy it as the men - Wow, Per, Top and Dee - gyrated around in skimpy outfits. 

Not sure if the tiny skirts they wore were attractive to women. Maybe it was the bulging arms, washboard stomachs and muscular legs on display that got them all hot and bothered.

The men were supposed to perform only on Friday and Saturday but extended their stay until Sunday (Aug 27) due to their popularity.

@happiclari saw one of them check his watch at the end LOL thank u for ur efforts #mrmookata #thaihunks #fyp ♬ See Tình (Remix) - Giây Phút Em Gặp Anh - Cukak & Hoàng Thuỳ Linh

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