Couple wearing bathrobes in Marina Bay Sands cafe: 'It's disgraceful,' says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Lifeisgood

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How casual is too casual?

A couple sporting only bathrobes was spotted in a Marina Bay Sands (MBS) cafe on Dec 3.

Sharing a photo of the man and woman who looked like they just stepped out of the shower, Stomper Lifeisgood questioned whether bathrobes and bedroom slippers were appropriate attire outside the hotel room.

He said he saw the two hotel guests walking around the shops in their matching white outfits and opined: "It's disgraceful."

It is unclear whether they were wearing anything under the bathrobes.

The cafe where the couple were photographed is called Origin + Bloom.

While certain F&B outlets in MBS have a dress code, Origin + Bloom is not one of them.

At Cé La Vi Restaurant, for example, the dress code is "casual chic". Gentlemen must be in sleeved shirts and covered shoes. Slippers, sandals, activewear, singlets and beachwear are strictly not permitted on the premises. Long trousers and smart shorts are allowed.

The casino also has a dress code.

According to a Tripadvisor post, one guest was told: "In our casino, smart casual wear is required and we would appreciate if patrons are appropriately attired.

"For all of our guests, beach wear including flip-flops, slippers, casual short pants and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Casual short pants refer to sports shorts used for running or gym.

"Bermuda shorts or knee-length shorts are acceptable."

How strictly this dress code is enforced is another matter.

And it does not specifically disallow bathrobes.