Woman sunbathes in swimwear in middle of Punggol HDB estate

Who needs the beach?

A woman in a swimsuit was seen sunbathing in the middle of an HDB estate in Punggol on National Day.

A housewife told Shin Min Daily News that she spotted the sunbather on the sixth-floor sky garden between Block 160 and Block 166 Punggol Central through the window from her home at 9am.

"I usually look at the garden downstairs to see what everyone is doing. On Tuesday was the first time I saw something like this," recounted the housewife, who said the sunbather would leisurely read a book or do yoga.

A photo shows the sunbather sitting on a purple mat and appearing to be applying lotion on her arm.

The housewife expressed concern that wearing a swimsuit was not appropriate and might make other residents uncomfortable.

"There are often children and elderly people who go for a walk in the garden as well as older folks who grow plants there. If you are caught in this kind of outfit, I am afraid it is not very good," she told the Chinese evening daily.

Most commenters do not agree with the housewife.

One netizen said: "I do not see any wrong or inappropriate. She is not dressed in a revealing swimsuit and there is no law saying that one can't sunbathe in the sky garden."

What do you think? Was it inappropriate or not?