Company behind PIE viaduct that collapsed and killed 1, secured contract with lowest bid

The local construction company behind the viaduct project in Changi, under which part of a raised road it was constructing collapsed yesterday (July 14), is revealed to have gotten the contract in 2015 after submitting the lowest bid.

A construction worker was killed, while 10 others were injured. 

Stomp also visited the site after being alerted by Stomper Fauzi and Shafiel to the incident

The company, Or Kim Peow, (OKP) which partnered with engineering consultancy firm CPG to secure the deal, placed a bid of S$94.7 million. 

According to The Straits Times, the bid was 27 per cent lower than the next lowest bid, which was S$129.7 million submitted by Yongnam Engineering. 

Singapore Pilling and Samwoh Corp also submitted bids of S$185 million and S$193.7 million respectively, both of which were vastly higher than OKP’s bid. 

The two-envelope system put in place supposedly prioritise quality over price, but despite that, many public projects tend to be awarded to the lowest bidder. 

Preliminary investigations revealed that concrete supports of a section had given way, which led to the collapse of the viaduct.

In the meantime, work has been halted at the site.

The viaduct was scheduled to be completed in early 2020 before the accident.