Commuter thought he saw a ghost on MRT train -- but it's just a cosplayer

Submitted by Stomper Jackson

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Stomper Jackson was amused to see a cosplayer dressed in white from head-to-toe when on board a train on Monday (Dec 16).

He said he was approaching Bayfront MRT station on the Circle Line at around 5pm when he noticed the eye-catching sight.

Jackson told Stomp: "It was a girl and I heard she was going for a photo shoot.

"I think she was cosplaying as a character from a manga known as Heaven Official's Blessing.

"It's funny and I thought it was a ghost at first."

Heaven Official's Blessing is Chinese webnovel and manhwa series about a crown prince who ascends to heaven.

According to its Fandom page, it has "handsome men and lots of the feely feels".

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