Sengkang resident asks for time to clear clutter -- but it's been almost a year on and off

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A resident has been asked to clear the clutter outside his Sengkang unit, says the town council.

However, according to Stomper RT, this has been going on for almost a year with "no progress".

RT shared photos showing the second-floor corridor of Block 287A Compassvale Crescent stacked with numerous items such as laundry, plants and furniture.

He said: "This incident of blocking the corridor has been reported to the town council several times and through the OneService app sometime ago, but the clutter has been there for almost a year and no real action has been taken.

"The town council's response is that they have warned the family to clear the items by a certain date or they will remove the items, but there is no progress even when the deadline has passed.

"I am more concerned about the fire hazard this poses."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Sengkang Town Council said on Wednesday (Aug 2) that officers have been actively engaged with the unit in question.

The spokesman added: "On multiple occasions, our officers have visited the unit and issued notices/service cards to the resident regarding the proper clearance of his items.

"They have also previously assisted in clearing his items, in particular those that are obstructing the riser door.

"The most recent notice was issued to the resident on July 6. Subsequently, we received a call from the resident, requesting a time extension until August 1 for him to sell and clear his items accordingly.

"Our officers will be revisiting the unit today, to assess whether the resident has successfully cleared his items that are obstructing the common areas. We will be closely monitoring the situation and provide any necessary assistance to the resident during this process.

"We appreciate your interest in our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and harmonious community."

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