Chinese woman squats down to clean adult daughter's shoes in the rain, sparks debate

A video showing a middle-aged woman squatting down to clean her grown-up daughter's shoes in China has sparked a heated discussion online.

According to Kankanews, the incident took place along a street in Pu’an Road, Shanghai, on Sep 18.

In the video, a woman -- said to be in her 20s -- can be seen holding an umbrella while her mother used a tissue to wipe her shoes during wet weather.

Passers-by were further stunned when the well-dressed woman, who appeared unfazed by stares, shouted: "They’re not clean enough!" and "You are crazy, you hurt me!"

The pair then left together after the mother tossed the tissue by the roadside -- a fact that did not go unnoticed by netizens.

Weibo users have slammed the young woman for displaying 'princess syndrome'.

However, some have also called her a "victim of her mother's love" and blamed the older woman for over-indulging her.

Meanwhile, others pointed out that this was "normal" as she was wearing a dress, thus making it hard for her to bend down.