Tourist brings durian to her room at Sentosa Cove, gets letter from hotel warning of $500 fine

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July 27, 2023

A Chinese tourist found out about the “no durian” rule at Singapore hotels the hard way recently.

Posting on Xiaohongshu on Sunday (July 23), the woman said she received a warning letter from W Singapore - Sentosa Cove after consuming Musang King durians in her hotel room.

"Let me tell you all something serious. You can't eat durians when you're in Singapore hotel rooms," she wrote.

She had just finished eating dinner with her family when they came across a stall that sold Musang King durians, regarded as a special variety of the fruit.

Since she was full from dinner, she bought and packed some pieces in a ziplock bag to consume back in her room later that evening. 

The next day, she was shocked to find a warning letter from the hotel placed in her room.

"Due to the pungent and unique smell of the durian, please do not bring it into the hotel room,” read the letter.

"We understand that the durian is a delicacy that many love, but its strong smell often lingers and may affect the experience of subsequent guests who stay in the room."

Guests will receive a $500 fine if hotel staff detect the smell of durians in the room, the letter added.

"I know that durians aren't allowed on public transport in Singapore, but I didn’t think it was the same for hotel rooms or room balconies," the tourist wrote in her post.

"Fortunately, the hotel said the fine could be waived for first-time offenders… Thank god, and thank you W Singapore for your very understanding management. I won't do it again."

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