Chinese celebrity Liu Chia-Chang accused of domestic violence on son

Widely lauded as the father of China’s music scene in the 20th century, the multitalented Liu Chia-Chang has recently been accused of domestic violence. 

 It is alleged that Liu deliberately sabotaged Jeremiah’s music career, and often beat him, reports Apple Daily and Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

During an interview, Jeremiah recalled an experience back when he was 10, when Liu kicked him right in front of celebrity Brigitte Lin at the American customs, after the boy’s attempt to import a bicycle caused a delay. 

American officers were forced to draw their guns to stop his father, said Jeremiah. 

Jeremiah’s mother, Zhang Jia Zhen, in an interview on Wednesday (July 5) supported her son’s statements.

She said that on one occasion, Liu had battered Jeremiah with a cigarette tray out of frustration, when he could not understand the new audio equipment which Jeremiah had bought. 

Zhang further alleged that Lin was behind the termination of contract between Warner Music and Jeremiah.

Furthermore, Liu had recently posted a threat on Jeremiah’s Facebook page, threatening him with ‘a gruesome death’. 

However, this was not the first time Liu had lashed out at Jeremiah on Facebook.

Prior to this, Liu had heaped insults upon Jeremiah on his own Facebook page, citing that he was a ‘beast’ and ‘good-for-nothing’. 

Said Zhang:

“Only enemies would say this!”

“What did Jeremiah ever do to him?

“To scold him like this, I can’t stand it anymore.

“If he continues, we’re going to sue.”

After news of the abuse came to light, many netizens posted words of encouragement on Jeremiah's Facebook page.

In response, Jeremiah wrote:

"From the bottom of my heart, I can only say to you all, thank you for your support.

"God Bless."

Liu has since removed the posting, while Jeremiah has deactivated his Facebook account.