Chinatown resident unhappy that neighbour's 'junk' has entered 'her' corridor

Submitted by Stomper J

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Corridors are shared spaces.

But not everyone is happy to share, it seems.

Stomper J is upset with the many items that her neighbour at Block 34 Upper Cross Street in Chinatown has left along the 11th-floor corridor.

She shared photos and a video showing multiple potted plants, brooms and bins at the corridor, which she feels are causing obstruction. She is also worried about the potential fire hazard.

J said: "It has been this way since before Christmas last year and is getting worse.

"It's super inconsiderate. My concern is how are people going to bypass? Or will the items cause a fire?

"She can put whatever junk outside her own corridor, but don't throw over to her neighbours' corridor. My area is full of her junk.

"I sincerely hope something can be done about this."

In response to a Stomp query, Jalan Besar Town Council said it has reached out to the resident to share with her the importance of keeping the common corridor obstruction-free.

"She understands the concerns raised and has cooperated by moving some of her potted plants indoors," a spokesman told Stomp on Friday (Jan 27).

"The other pots placed outside her unit are plants she has purchased specially for Chinese New Year, and she informs that she will remove them by March.

"We have checked and ascertained that there is a clear passage of 1.2m clearance, in accordance with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)'s fire safety guidelines for HDB estates.

"We would like to remind residents to keep the corridors and all common areas clean and obstruction-free, so as to create a conducive and safe living environment for all."

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