Cheapskate couple ask makeup artist to work for free, accuses her of being arrogant when she refuses

A professional makeup artist, Daisy Wong recently shared on Facebook how she had been approached by a couple on an online marketplace to provide her services for free, but was reprimanded when she refused their offer.

The couple pitched to her the idea of the 'wonderful' collaboration for as their second anniversary photoshoot, telling Daisy that her payment would be in terms of exposure.

She would also receive a set of the couple’s photos which she could use as marketing materials.

Daisy declined their offer. 

The couple then seemingly offended by her rejection, told Daisy that she did not have to be ‘arrogant’, reports Coconuts Singapore

Daisy then schooled the couple on what exactly is a collaboration. 

The couple however, did not take kindly to Daisy’s explanation and complained about her long reply, even telling her to pick up some basic customer service first.

To that Daisy responded aptly:

“No, thanks.”