Airbnb hostess slams cheapskate practices of Malaysians guests, gets unexpected support from netizens

An Airbnb hostess recently wrote an article about her experience with guests from different countries and their quirks.

The article, titled, ‘The interesting and exasperating things I have learned after opening up my house to more than 500 guests on Airbnb’, immediately received attention for singling out Malaysians for being ‘cheapskate’. 

According to Daily Mail, the landlady recalled an experience where two Malaysian women booked her place, but on the day itself, five had shown up instead. 

She then told the group that there were only two beds as the place had only been booked for two occupants, but was left speechless when they told her, ‘oh, we have sleeping bags.’ 

Although reluctant to host them, she ultimately gave in after much hounding from the group. 

The landlady initially thought this was a one-off incident, but said that after talking to others who had rented out their place via Airbnb, found that this was a common occurrence with Malaysian occupants.

She said:

“My fellow Airbnb landlords and landladies across the world tell me this is a common, cheeky little dodge among people from that corner of the world.”

In a surprising, albeit amusing turn of event, many Malaysian netizens took to social media to agree with her remarks, reports the World of Buzz

Said one netizen:

“I also rent out my place here in Malaysia via Airbnb.

“There are many Malaysians who will rent my place for a few people, and come down with a large group on the day itself.

“They often lie to save money.”

Another netizen also slammed the inconsiderate behaviour, saying:

“With this kind of behaviour, it’ll give us a bad name, and it’ll be harder for us to get places via Airbnb.

“These people should be ashamed.”

Do you agree with their views?