Male CEO, 47, accused of performing oral sex on son's 9-year-old classmate

A 47-year-old chief executive officer has been accused of sexually assaulting his youngest son's 9-year-old classmate.

The classmate slept over at his house after a Halloween party two years ago.

The 47-year-old CEO is not Singaporean and cannot be named due to a court order.  It was reported in The Straits Times that he went on trial in the High Court on Oct 3 where he pleaded not guilty to one charge of aggravated molestation and two charges of sexual assault by penetration.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Christina Koh, at 10.30pm the alleged victim went to the youngest son's room to sleep. The son slept on the lower deck of the bunk bed while the alleged victim slept on the upper deck.

The accused then opened the door and walked into the room. The boy pretended to be asleep while the man stepped on the lower bunk and touched his genitals.

The man then left but returned later to perform oral sex on the alleged victim. He then left again and returned to perform the same sex act.

The alleged victim then decided not to stay any longer after the man left for the third time. He packed up and went to the bedroom of the accused to tell him that he wanted to go home as he was feeling unwell. The wife of the accused then contacted the boy's father to pick him up.

The alleged victim told his father in the car what the accused had done to him. The father then confronted the accused who denied the accusations saying that he had been in his room using the computer.

The alleged victim's father made a police report on Nov 2, 2015.

The punishment for sexual assault by penetration is a jail term of between eight and 20 years and at least 12 strokes of the cane. The punishment for aggravated molestation is a jail term of up to five years, with fine or caning.