Celebrity Cynthia Koh warns fans about fake Instagram accounts

Celebrity Cynthia Koh took to Instagram on Thursday (Nov 23) to warn fans about fake accounts impersonating her. 

In the Instagram post, Cynthia wrote:

“Please be aware of fake accounts.

“This (account) doesn't belong to me.

“Most artiste will have a blue tick (next to their handle).

“I have reported the account so I’m warning this impersonator to delete this.

“Everyone please kindly help me report this account.

“Thank you IG friends for looking out for me.”

A photo was posted beside her comments, showing an account named cynthiakoh_27, a clear imitation of Cynthia’s official handle, cynthiakoh27.

Cynthia told Shin Min Daily News that she had contacted the person behind the account, who claimed to be a fan. 

The person told her that he had set up the page to help her grow her fanbase.

Said Cynthia:

“The person claimed to be my fan, and said he wanted to help me build a fanbase.

“I told him that he didn’t need to do that and I was a little angry since he had used my photos without my consent.

“Furthermore, his handle was nearly identical to mine, which could have misled people.”

Cynthia added that the person had agreed to delete the account, and she did not report the case to the police, merely letting the person off with a warning.