CCTV shows curry puff seller's fiancée accosting elderly man to get his phone at Hong Lim food centre

Submitted by Stomper Victoria, Ray

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It was caught on camera.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows a woman accosting a man at Hong Lim Food Centre on Nov 12, resulting in the man taken to hospital with an arm injury.

Stomper Victoria shared the video, which shows the curry puff seller Peter Ng in a red shirt and black mask speaking aggressively to an elderly man who sat at a table and used his phone.

About half a minute later, a woman in black top and shorts, believed to be Mr Ng's fiancée, approached the elderly man and tried to snatch his phone.

The elderly man resisted and struggled with the woman. Mr Ng quickly stepped in to separate the two. The woman eventually walked off.

The Stomper said the elderly man's name is Mr Lim and he is in his 80s.

"In this case, Mr. Lim has been not only physically harmed but also subjected to false accusations of secretly filming the stall," said the Stomper.

It was previously reported that Mr Ng accused Mr Lim of taking a video of the curry puff stall with his phone, resulting in the altercation.

Mr Ng told Shin Min Daily News that Mr Lim was hanging around the stall in the morning and appeared to be taking a video with his phone. When Mr Ng asked to see what was on the man's phone, he refused.

"I didn't touch him," said Mr Ng.

"My fiancée tried to take his phone. The two scratched each other in the scuffle. My fiancée's hand was also injured."

Mr Ng called the police, who confirmed a report was lodged.

Mr Ng said he suspected that Mr Lim was trying to get evidence to send to the authorities as Mr Ng had seen the man taking photos outside the stall a few months ago.

"Two weeks ago, the Singapore Food Agency came and said we were not wearing masks. In fact, we normally wear masks," said Mr Ng.

"We suspect the uncle secretly took a video of us taking off our masks to talk. So when I saw him again this time, I wanted to clear it up with him."

Mr Ng also recalled seeing the man with his brother and sister, and thinks they were involved.

The younger brother, Mr Ray Ng, who runs a rival curry puff stall in the same food centre, denied his sibling's accusations.

Mr Ray Ng told Stomp: "I just don’t understand why this Peter got problem always want to say Ray Ng, Ray Ng.

"Be fair to me please."

The brothers used to run the curry puff stall together until last year when they went their separate ways after a dispute.

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