Cash-strapped private-hire driver who killed man in accident asks for advice online, gets blasted by netizens

A private-hire driver who asked for help online after killing a Filipino pedestrian in a fatal accident has come under flak from many netizens. 

The fatal accident happened along Tiong Bahru Road, in front of a carpark at Block 104A Henderson Crescent at Jan 27, at around 4.45pm, reports Shin Min Daily News

The 42-year-old victim came from the Philippines and worked as an accountant at an event company. 

In Facebook user Soh Fernando’s post, he said that the victim had ‘dashed out of nowhere’ leading to the accident. 

The original post is no longer visible on the Facebook user’s account but has been reposted by another Facebook user.

According to the Soh’s post, the vehicle’s windscreen was smashed during the collision, and there were also dents on his bonnet and front bumper. 

He further revealed that he had rented the vehicle and the rental company had demanded $4,300 in reparation fees for damages to the car.

To make matters worse, he was unable to retrieve his car.

He wrote:

“My car now at TP.”

He alleged that the rental company also told him that they would not provide him with a new vehicle unless he paid the sum.

In the meantime, they would continue charging him the daily rental fees.

Soh continued:

“TP took the CCTV footage already. If no $4300, no replacement car.”

The driver also added that the case was under investigation by the police and he could not afford to pay the rental company. 

Hence, he appealed for netizens will be able to advise him on his situation. 

Many of the victim’s friends and family members have responded to the driver’s post.

They accused him of being ‘self-centred' and 'vile', citing that he was only concerned about the damages to his car and not the man he killed. 

Said a Facebook user:

"The "uncle" you claimed was not an uncle at all. He was one of the sweetest, generous young man I have had the fortune to be a friend with. 

"Your post about money is utterly vile, disgusting and self-centered.

"You did not once comment on his condition, did you? Well, let me update you. 

"I hope and I know he will rest in peace. I hope you get your just deserve."

In response to media queries, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that a man was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital for treatment, and the hospital was informed to be on standby to receive the man. 

A police spokesman confirmed the incident and said that the man died after getting conveyed to a hospital.

Investigations are ongoing. 

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