Man involved in accident "jumps" in front of another car, demands driver to provide video footage as "evidence"

A man was seen stepping out in front of a car on an expressway, refusing to move while gesturing at the driver to pull over.

The video was posted on Facebook.

The caption said that the incident happened on Mar 19 at about 5.15pm.

The contributor, who identified himself as the son of the driver who took the car camera footage, said that the man who "jumped" in front of his father's car was involved in an accident by the side of the road.

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"My dad was the fourth car behind what happened," he wrote.

"The guy jumped out and blocked my father's way, asking my father to reverse back into the side lane and get out of the car.

"Obviously, not being involved in the accident, my dad refused to get out especially since it was raining and he still had to continue working until late evening.

"Furthermore, my dad had a customer in the car that was rushing to the office for a meeting."

He said that the guy continued to block his father's car until his dad stepped out.

"Turns out, the guy wanted my dad to provide this video footage to serve as 'evidence' which he thought would help him," he wrote.

However, the contributor said that there was nothing in the video that could have helped the man as it only captured what happened after the accident.

His dad tried to explain it to this man who allegedly refused to listen.

"The guy continued to ramble on and even threatened my dad and took [a] photo of my dad and the car plate number."