Car stuck in motorcycle lane causes jam at Woodlands checkpoint: 'Driver is damn dumb'

Submitted by Stomper Spencer

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Getting stuck in a traffic jam at the Causeway has become a way of life for many.

It does not help that some motorists do not know where to go and end up delaying everyone else.

This is what appeared to happen on Tuesday (Feb 28).

Stomper Spencer said he was ​​​​​driving to Johor Bahru at around 6.30am when he saw that a black car had gone into the wrong lane.

"The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers were trying to help the driver out of the narrow motorcycle lane," said the Stomper, who shared a video of the incident.

"I was told this has been happening since 4am."

The video also shows a line of motorcyclists waiting behind the car unable pass through. A man can be heard commenting: "This kind of driver I can tell is damn dumb already."

A similar incident happened on Sept 16 last year when a Mercedes-Benz also mistakenly drove into the motorcycle lane at Woodlands checkpoint resulting in an angry exchange of words between the driver and a motorcyclist, captured in a video posted by SG Road Vigilante.

On Friday (March 3), it was reported that to ease the traffic jams at the Causeway, Malaysia has proposed a "single clearance system" where Singapore officers would be stationed at the Malaysian checkpoints and vice versa so that clearance would be done only once on either side of the border.

Now if they can only get the car out of the motorcycle lane...