Car literally cuts corners by driving over footpath in Woodlands

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We have heard of people cutting corners to save time, but one driver took things to a new level by driving over a footpath.

Facebook page SG Road Vigilante shared a video of the incident that occurred in Woodlands on Monday (Aug 16), at around noon.

According to the video caption, the Toyota driver drove over the pavement from the multi-storey carpark at Block 766A Woodlands Circle to the carpark gantry of Woodlands Mart at Block 768.

In the video, another car and a pedestrian who was crossing the road halfway can both be seen stopping to let the Toyota driver make the bizarre manoeuvre.

Netizens were left in shock over the driver's actions.

One user called it an "insane" move, while another added: "OMG! The driver is outrageous! He ought to be suspended immediately. Real crazy guy."