Car ends up in awkward position after accident at Gambas Road

Submitted by Stomper Nana Ogy, Icp

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A car was seen 'stacked' against another vehicle after an accident along Gambas Road on Monday afternoon (May 25).

The incident occurred in the direction of Woodlands, near Seletaris condominium, at around 1.40pm. Stomp understands that no injuries were reported.

Photos that Stompers Nana Ogy and Icp shared show the car tilted on its side while being sandwiched between another car and the road divider.

Icp said: "The car was stacked on the MPV."

(Video: Stomper Nana Ogy)

Close-up shots of the accident were also posted on Facebook, where netizens joked about the unusual sight.

One joked: "Me in GTA after speeding," while another quipped: "Why no social distancing?"