Cabby ends his day with 'perfect ending' by giving girl free lift to watch World Cup at 1.50am

A taxi driver's good day became an even better one after he gave a teenage girl a free lift to Punggol 21 Community Club to watch the 2018 World Cup.

He was driving along the junction of Sengkang East Drive and Sengkang East Way at around 1.50am on Wednesday (Jul 4) when he chanced upon the girl who was walking alone.

The driver, William Lee, had shared his account of the incident on Singapore Taxi Driver's Facebook page.

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The post read: "At 1.50am, while stopping at the junction of Sengkang East Drive and Sengkang East Way towards Punggol East, I saw a lone teenage girl crossing the junction towards Punggol.

"I figured she must have missed the bus and had to walk home, so I stopped next to her and asked whether was she going to Punggol.

"I offered her a free lift as that place was very dark, certainly not a place for a teenage girl to be walking alone.

"She was taken by surprise and said she wanted to go to the Punggol 21 Community Club to watch the England game with her friends.

"I asked her to hop into my taxi and sent her to the safety of her friends at the CC.

"She thanked me repeatedly before she left my taxi. It had been a good day for me and a perfect ending to make it all better."

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