British woman left suffocating in her own faeces after botched surgery

Nov 27, 2017

A woman in the United Kingdom has been suffocating in her own faeces after a botched routine surgery.

Kelly Yeoman (pic), 34, underwent a minor surgical procedure when a "slip of the scalpel" hit her bowel, causing it to stop functioning.

According to the BBC, she has been unable to poo for the last 15 weeks.

"She is regularly vomiting a foul mixture of her last meal and her own excrement, and she is struggling to breathe," states her Go Fund Me page titled "Kelly's Crisis."

An x-ray shared on her Facebook page shows that the fecal matter has reached her chest.

She is currently admitted at Southmead Hospital to treat her condition.

According to BBC, Yeoman has had two operations since, but that her health issues and allergies complicate finding a solution.

"At any moment, her bowel could perforate, which (if she is lucky enough to survive the complications) will result in a colostomy bag for the rest of her life," states her fundraising page.

Her friends aim to raise £10,000 (S$17,931) so that she could get treatment at St. Mark's Hospital which specializes in bowel diseases.

As of this writing, £7,260 (S$13,017) has been raised.

Yeoman is an equestrienne and is devoted to her rescued horse named Huckleberry Finn.

Her friends describe her as "a lovely, bright and caring young woman whose life should be full of fun and laughter and plans for the future."

They add, "We are watching her go gradually downhill-she is almost unrecognisable as our happy, strong and determined friend."