Black spitting cobra spotted at Bishan St 13

Submitted by Stomper Paul

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Stomper Paul spotted a black spitting cobra this morning just behind his block at Bishan Street 13.

The cobra was slithering over and around the roots of a tree as a flock of mynas looked on.

Said Paul:

"I believe somebody already called ACRES."

The black spitting cobras, also known as the Equatorial spitting cobra are often seen in leafy suburbs and occasionally in high density housing estates.

These snakes usually retreat to cooler, sheltered places such a behind household clutter in gardens or in cavities in open drains.

They are highly venomous and should be treated with caution.

They are typically not aggressive but the large adults will stand erect, expand their hood and hiss when they feel threatened.

If their perceived attacker does not retreat, they wil then spray venom into the eyes of its tormentor.

The venom can cause permanent damage to tissue around the eye area if not washed away quickly.

If the cobra releases venom via snake bite, it may result in death.