Bed and personal items found in Bukit Panjang drain, removed by PUB

It appears that there is more going on in our drains than we think.

Apart from rats and the odd snake, it appears that a human, or even humans, has been living in a large drain at Bukit Panjang.

Photos of a double bed squeezed into the narrow confines of the drain have been circulating online.

In the photos, plastic bags, rubbish and a pair of shoes can be seen near the metal frame of the bed.

In response to a media query from The Straits Times, PUB said that it is "aware of the possible human dwellings in the drain along Kranji Expressway".

"The items have since been removed and we have referred the case to the police, who are looking into the matter," PUB added.

PUB stressed that this is a matter of personal safety.

"Heavy rainfall in upstream locations will cause sudden and rapid water flow into the drain," said the spokesman. "This will pose a serious danger to those in the drain."

Those who are found entering waterways without prior approval can be fined up to $3,000.