'Ball Bearing Gang' sneaks into bedroom and rapes Malaysian woman -- while husband is asleep in the living room

A group of serial rapists in Malaysia have been arrested by the police.

The group, composed of three foreign immigrants, were arrested after robbing and raping a woman in her own home last week at around 4am reports World of Buzz

Nicknamed the ‘Balling Bearing Gang’, the suspects were known to insert metal ball bearings into their own nether regions before raping their victims. 

The culprits reportedly broke into the house while the victim was asleep in the master bedroom, and her husband in the living room.

One of the suspects infiltrated the bedroom while the other two kept watch outside. 

The incident comes in light of a string of rapes in May, in which the same gang is believed to have committed.

Another earlier victim was not raped due to the intervention of her mother, but was groped and forced to pleasure a suspect by touching his genitals. 

The suspects are currently investigated under Section 395, 397 and 376 of the Penal Code.