Man rapes Facebook friend multiple times hours after meeting her, forces her to cook naked after ordeal

An unemployed man, 26-year-old Yap Jun Cheng repeatedly raped a Malaysian Facebook friend -- just hours after their first meeting.

The accused was sentenced to 14 years in prison and 22 stokes of the cane on Tuesday (Jun 13) after pleading guilty to the three charges of sexual offences, reports The Straits TImes

He admitted to raping, sexually penetrating and molesting the victim, then 20 years old, in his Tampines flat on March 4, 2013. 

Aside from the three charges, eleven other charges were also taken into consideration during the sentencing. 

Three of the charges involved the victim, now 24 years old. 

The two had become friends on Facebook in 2011 after Yap sent her a request, to which she accepted.

Since then, the two chatted occasionally but never met in person. 

When the victim decided to search for a job in Singapore in Feb 2013, she contacted Yap to help show her around.

Yap who was then serving his national service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) met up with the victim  at Paya Lebar MRT Station in his uniform at around 9.30am on March 4, 2013. 

He then told her that he wanted to change out of his uniform and brought her back to his home in Tampines.

His grandmother was also present during the time of the incident. 

Yap later shoved the victim into his room and locked her in with him.

He confessed that he was fond of her and told her to leave her boyfriend.

He also said that he would financially support her.

When the victim attempted to escape, she grabbed hold of the door knob.

The accused then tore her away from it so forcefully that the knob broke. 

The victim also shouted for help from the accused’s grandmother but she did not respond. 

The accused proceeded to molest and rape the victim.

After the deed, he told her that he would kill her. 

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP)  David Khoo said:

“The victim was extremely frightened. 

“She set herself to do whatever it was that she had to do to leave the room alive, no matter how degrading or abhorrent.”

The accused also forced the victim to perform oral sex on him.

The pair later left the room after Yap managed to open his door with a hanger.

During the time, his grandmother was present but the victim did not dare to ask for help as she was afraid that the accused would harm her.

The accused’s grandmother then left the flat.

The victim told the accused that she was hungry, and he asked her to prepare food.

However, Yap did not allow her to dress herself and she had to cook naked from waist down.

He only relented after the victim was nearly scalded by hot oil that was spilling from a wok.

DPP Khoo said:

 “She (the victim) stopped cooking when she became nauseous as her gastric problems acted up, and told the accused that she could only consume her gastric medication after she had (consumed) food.

"The accused then agreed to bring her out to eat and the victim began to feel that she had some hope of leaving the flat alive.”

Before they left his house, Yap raped the victim one more time. 

The two then went over to a food centre in Bedok for a meal and Yap insisted on accompanying the victim by train to Bon Lay MRT Station.

The two parted ways there and the girl returned to Malaysia, where she was picked up by her cousin-in-law.

She told him about her traumatising experience and the two returned to Singapore to lodge a police report later that day. 

Yap could have been jailed 20 years and fined or caned for raping the woman.