Bad first date: 'Petty' Singaporean guy asked Taiwanese YouTuber to return him $1.50 for teh peng

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November 6, 2023

Singaporean men have come under fire yet again.

A Taiwanese YouTuber recently shared how she went on a date with a Singaporean man at a coffeeshop, and he shocked her by asking her to return him the $1.50 that he had forked out for her teh peng.

In the HeyKaki podcast Kaki Chats, which dealt with the topic of dating Singaporean men, Alison Wu talked about her bad first date experience. She clarified that they “weren’t together”.

She said in Mandarin: “We weren’t together, we just went out to eat, and I felt he was very petty. I was shocked at how petty he was.”

During the date, she ordered a teh peng which cost $1.50, she said.

To her shock, the man told her, “Eh, don’t forget to pay me back for the $1.50.”

Although she said she felt confused, she paid him $2 and told him to keep the change. 

His reply: “Okay!”

“He took the $2, which meant he even had change to keep,” she said. “Then I never went out with him again.”

The podcast drew mixed reactions from viewers.

One person said they thought Singaporean men are “calculative” to the point where it’s the “end of the world”.

But another disagreed and chided Wu for “concluding all Singaporean men were the same” after just one experience. 

There was one person who came to the defence of Singaporean men. She posted that she has dated “a lot of SG guys”, but they always paid for their meals and she never had to go Dutch.

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