Appeal for witnesses: Cyclist wakes up along Tampines Ave 10 with injuries to face and no recollection of what happened

Submitted by Stomper Beckham

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Stomper Beckham is appealing for witnesses to step forth after an incident along Tampines Avenue 10, near IKEA Tampines, left him unconscious.

In a telephone interview, Beckham said that he has no recollection of the events which transpired on Sept 30. 

He said he had cycling along the road, close to the bus stop along Tampines Avenue 10, at around 9pm when he suddenly lost consciousness. 

When he regained consciousness at around 9.30pm, he realised that he had suffered injuries on his face and the handlebar on his bicycle was bent.

A crowd had gathered around him. 

A passer-by told Beckham that he had been unconscious for about 15 to 20 min.

Unfortunately, the passer-by did not see what happened earlier. 

Shaken by the incident, Beckham quickly picked up his bicycle and rode off. 

When he went for a checkup the following day, the doctor was unable to provide a conclusive reason behind Beckham’s injuries.

Said Beckham:

“I just want to know if whether it was an accident or if I have some sort of medical condition that caused me to faint while I was cycling.

“I’m not sure what happened at all.”